14 miles back on my feet

Saturday was my first run back on my feet. 14 miles! For not running in two weeks it was not so bad, although had I ran on schedule I would have had an easier time with it.
We ran in a preserve park trail, which was gorgeous. It was quite a chilly 33 degree morning and everything was covered in frost. Along the trail there are several small wooden bridges and streams that ran along the trail. There was also a fog that sat upon the lake and made me feel like I was in some magical place. I was waiting for gnomes to come out of hiding and hand me drinks.

My first eight miles went strong and I felt great. Mile eight I hit the wall. My foot started bothering me I ran about another mile and a half and then had to walk the rest of the miles.
The whole run took 3:36:18 with a 15:42 pace slow but I walked.
I'm just happy I'm back on my feet.

For the rest of the day I curled up in bed and slept.


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