Thank you!

I could not have done it with out all of you! Just now I met my fundraising goal of $4,000!!!!

Thanksgiving morning I ran the turkey trot with Kuma and let him beat me ;) It was such a great run. I met a mentor from the new season's team, Kristen who ran my pace and we chatted through the whole 3 miles.

I also don't think I mentioned this, but a few weeks ago my hip gave out on a long run. Coach Jen told me there still may be a chance to switch back to the half, and I did. I feel a million times better about this decision. This allowed me to take two full weeks off my feet and rest giving me time to heal well with out falling too behind. I am also MUCH less stressed seeing as I have already run 14 miles and know how I felt about it and that I can do it.

Pushing yourself is always a good thing. However pushing yourself too far to the point of injury, not so good. I plan to sign up for more races through the next year and keep training. I'm also thinking about entering the lottery for the NYC marathon just to see if I get in or not. By then I would be ready for the full after a whole year of running.

I'm still so blown away of what Team in Training has helped me to accomplish so far! I'll be back for another round.

Now to one last month of hardcore training!


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